Welcome To Mermaid Beach Resorts

Virgin Beach. Peace. Great food. The Mermaid Beach Resort is everything you need to find your inner self. 

Take a leisurely walk on the beach with on one to disturb you...chat with the local fisherman and see the fresh catch of the day.. 

Personalised and caring service, home kitchen so you don't miss home cooked food, we are ideal gateway for family and freinds reunion get togethers, destination parties, beach theme hang outs with DJ's...



just on the bang of the beach

Authentic malwani and kokani food in our in house kitchen

Clean and sea view rooms

Sea view restaurant


Mermaid offers both A/C and non A/C rooms and while at Mermaid you are never far away from sea view. All our rooms have been tastefully designed with utmost attention to your comfort and hygiene.


Food is our specialty and we offer choice of dishes in both veg and non veg cuisines. We take pride in our Konkani style of cooking but can also offer Punjabi and South Indian delicacies. Mermaid offers choicest sea food options with fresh catch coming directly from the sea to our kitchens. For our overseas guests we can offer continental dishes and would be glad to offer our Indian dishes, albeit less spicy.